Ask me about my horse! (Do you have all day?) (madcowmuramatsu) wrote in fitriders,
Ask me about my horse! (Do you have all day?)

Hi All!


I figured it'd be best, motivation-wise, if we checked in with each other everyday. I can post daily beneath an LJ-cut. Does that sound okay? Fairly ignorable for those not wishing to be all challenge-y?

The good stuff:

How'd your first day go? Yesterday I listened to the Talking Equine Show on my iPod and powerwalked for an hour, then came home and worked out with my (feel free to laugh, really) Thighmaster. I also rode my pony bareback, which was a blast.

Thighmasters are pieces of crap! Anyway. Like I'm the first person to say that.

Here is an article on the benefits of being able to run farther as opposed to faster for y'all. I liked it, 'cause I like running but am super slow.

Last night I showered without washing my hair to trick myself into going to the gym this morning before work (okay, that makes sense in my brain). It's working! See you guys! Have a good day!


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