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Progress report

I haven't heard from anyone in a while. Well, I can fix that! Here's a little progress report. Maybe everyone else can chime in too. :D

I was going to wait until I had lost 10 pounds to make a report. But I'm not there yet, even though I should be. Maybe you all have some suggestions and how to keep it going? I'm doing really well, but I seem to be stuck at the moment.

I think I posted here that I did get my horse. We are doing very well together and really progressing. I think we're almost to the point that we could go out for some long-distance trotting mixed with cantering. I'd like to do some galloping, but he's still too unbalanced for that. Funny enough though, I now have three horses to ride! I've been advertising my training talents for a year down here, but only just now got any work (I think thanks to having Will and being at the barn everyday!). I have two horses to ride three times a week each, plus Will at least 3 times a week. And weekends = either my horses in Terre Haute or other outdoor activities, such as hiking or canoing. That is a lot of calories. As in, usually 1000+. I'm still walking to work and walking the dog, but the gym has fallen to the wayside. There just isn't anymore time for traveling to another place to dedicate more time. But I'm not too upset. I've never enjoyed the gym anyway. I'd rather be outside.

In place of that thought, I need to make sure that I add something to my routine to help me with endurance and core strength. I am almost to the point that I can take my horse out for longer rides, so that should cover the endurance. I've been thinking of switching from walking to work to biking to work. I would get to work faster (not that I need too), but there are hills involved. So that could be good. For core strength, I have a lovely new yoga video (Yoga for Inflexible People), and I need to do some old fashioned work, like crunches (but probably on a ball), pushup, and I might try to get a bar for chin-ups. We'll see.

I have been keeping track of my food and I'm doing very well on the calorie count. The last two weekends have been god awful, but I don't really feel that bad about either one. Yeah, I ate pizza. Yeah, I ate too much ice cream. But a girls gotta binge sometimes, right? Otherwise, I've been very good. Count everything, no snacking, get a balanced diet, and eat lots of fruit an veggies.

Anyway, all of this has resulted in a loss of 7 pounds! I've plateaued the last two weeks though, and I'd like to keep it going. I'm going to Europe in August and I'd like very much to be between 170 and 175. I don't think I can make it down to 150 by Oct. 20 now, but my biggest motivation for that was looking good in a bridesmaid dress... I tried that on over the weekend and it looked great in a size 12, so I can feel very good about that! But I want to keep going. For me. For my horses. 150 is still my goal, even if it takes longer to get there.
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