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Moving right along

So, we're all busy getting fit and that's why there's no time to update, right?

Things are going really well for me.
- I've lost 11 pounds!
- I'm riding at least 5 days a week
- I have several horses to ride, so I'm usually on a horse for a couple hours or more each day
- I'm still eating right and walking to work
- My meal portion sizes have shrunk and I feel great about it

I feel really good about all this. I'm back down to the weight I was at in mid-march. At that time I felt fat and awful. But now, I feel pretty good. I can see I'm making progress, and (unlike in March) I'm firmer now too. Thanks to all the riding, everything is just so much more firm and I know my metabolism is kicking up a few notches. I was even pleased when I looked in the mirror the other day before work.

I'm sure I could be doing better, but this week is fair week, and then I'm going on vacation, and then its state fair. And I'm a fair freak. And I don't believe in skipping all that wonderful fair food for some diet. Fair comes once a year. I can diet all year long. But still, cheers for progress!
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