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Setting some goals

Hiya everybody!  I've finally gotten around to joining this community because my pathetic short-lived attempts at regulating my fitness just aren't working. I'm just going to explain my situation and post my goals here, because if they're in writing somewhere, I'll feel more accountable for achieving them.  :D

I'm 27, a dressage rider. I work a desk job during the day, and I work as the barn manager at my stable (where I also live) every evening and on weekends. And I ride 5 times a week, give or take. 

These are what I have identified as the biggest obstacles to my weight loss :

1. Limited time or space for exercise (aerobic, especially). I have no time for the gym. I'm up at 5:30 am, and I finish each evening with barn chores around 7:30 pm. I'm exhausted at the end of the day. Oh, and I like to see my husband for at least 2 hours each day. ;P
2. Husband does the cooking, and he's mostly interested in fried, breaded, cheese-smothered, carb-laden food. He also enjoys baking. *rolls eyes* He has the fastest metabolism in the entire world, so it's not an issue for him. That won't change, and I'm not cooking. So my real effort at calorie-reduction needs to be during the day.
3. I eat way too much while at my desk job during the day: I drink too much Mt. Dew (my addiction); I snack on Triscuits and other "healthy" snacks, but I eat too many of them; I go out for lunch with friends way too often, and eat way more than is necessary, and way less healthy than is necessary.

My plan:

I will have one actual serving of cereal for breakfast, or a SlimFast shake if I'm in a hurry and have to get out the door.
I will have a small (+/- 100 calories) snack for either the morning or afternoon at the office, and fresh veggies whenever.
I will have a SlimFast shake for lunch. Occasionally I will eat out with co-workers, but I'm really going to make an effort to keep that at a minimum.
No more high-carb, high-cal snacks in the office (those darn Triscuits...). I won't even buy them.
I will limit myself to 1 can of Mt. Dew per day. I guess water, tea, and diet soda will have to fill the void, but this is going to be my biggest sacrifice.
I can eat a reasonable amount of whatever the hubby cooks for dinner, if I'm conscientious throughout the day.

I've been doing this for a week, and I'm really happy with the SlimFast Optima shakes. They taste good, and they really do control my hunger. Hubby was gone last night (he's a musician...happens often), and I wasn't even sure I wanted to eat *any* dinner. Any time my body tells me something like that, I'm happy! (I'm not trying to starve myself; I just tend to eat even when I'm *not* hungry.)

Here's a pic of me and my horse, Wally, in a clinic last September. I hope that by mid-summer, I'll be able to look at pictures or videos of myself riding, and not cringe at my weight.

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