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Weight loss & better body tone.

I've lost, up to todays date, 42lbs in weight since July. YAY! By the time the mares come back into work later this year I'll be slim and healthy and happy and fit and ready for riding (and jump) again!

As for toning the muscles... I have gone down 4 dress sizes. I'd say thats a good result :D I know I'm certainly happy about it! Everyone now notices and so I feel even better about it. I find that whilst I can tell I've lost weight and inches because of the dress sizes lost, what makes me feel best about it is when other people notice. Just a few days ago my manager told me I am looking great and it is very noticeable that I have lost all the weight and that made me feel far more fantastic than just looking at what look like tiny jeans I'm not wearing. Of course, when I first started working with said manager I was a UK size 24 (US size 22) and now I am a UK size 16 (US size 14) so yeah, its a hell of a change.

A good trick to do in these things that kept me motivated... 42lbs is just under 20kg. Thats the weight of a bag of horse feed (here anyway). So, I carried a bag of horse feed around for as long as I could the other day and I had to put it down after a few minutes. I have no idea how I managed to carry that much extra weight around without collapsing on the floor.

Good motivation when it comes to inch loss, I've been measured every month since July and since then I have lost 29inches off just my bum, stomach and thighs. 29 inches is just a number to me, means nothing, but then someone said to me thats 2ft 5inches. Thats also actually over half my height but then I'm reeeeeealy short at just 4ft 8.5inches tall. Putting up a jump thats 2ft 5inches is a good eye-opener as to how much in inches I have actually lost. Wow, I know people who won't jump their horses that high because its a "scary" height :D

If you want to be motivated to losing some more weight, I think a good suggestion is fill a bucket with something equal to the weight you want to lose and carry it around the yard for as long as you can. Then imagine how much better you'd feel not carrying that around all day every day. If you have lost weight, do what I did, try carrying something around thats that weight for a while and see how much harder it was for you before you lost the weight. It makes you feel great!
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