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Riders Getting Fit

For our horses, for ourselves.

Riders Getting Fit, For Our Horses and Ourselves
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This is a community for horsemen and women who want the support of a friendly, positive community to reach their healty fitness goals. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50, eat more veggies or fewer Cheetos, or just do something good for your body, we support you!

Community rules:
- This is a community for people who want to be HEALTHY. Starving yourself, throwing up, and other ways of destroying yourself are NOT healthy. Please do not bring them here.
- This is a community for people who want POSITIVE SUPPORT. Be kind to one another.
- Cross posting is obnoxious. Use restraint.
- Community promotions should be kept small, relevant, and also to a minimum.
- Long posts and photos should be placed behind an lj-cut.
- We love progress reports, recipes, handy exercises, and other healthy, positive tips!

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Contact your friendly local mod, dressagediosa.

Horsey Links:
- LJ: Equestrian
- LJ: Dressage
- Riding High Fitness - a fitness site for riders!

Eating-Related Links:
- BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator - estimates the bare minimum of calories you need, without taking your exercise levels into account
- Harris Benedict Equation - calculates your daily caloric needs based on your BMR and your activity level
- FitDay - Food/Calorie/Exercise Charting
- Fit Together - Measurement Charting/Comparison
- Food Calorie Charts - listed alphabetically
- Calorie King - search for nutrition content of various foods; great for fast food
- Fast Food Calorie Charts
- Unofficial Points Calculator - for Weight Watchers users

Exercise-Related Links:
- Calories Burned Chart - includes equestrian activities
- List of Muscle Exercises - sorted by muscle group. Good explinations as well as animated demo of exercises
- Chest Exercises
- Back Exercises
- Legs & Buns
- Toning, Whole-Body Exercises
- List of muscle exercises, demo'd by video
- Cublicle Calisthenics - stretches that can be done at the office, while you're slaving away to pay for your opportunities to ride! :)

Because we love our horses. Because we love ourselves.