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I got a new exercise machine!

Now, you may be wondering what I'm talking about.

Meet William

He's a 10 or 11 year old quarter horse that I am now leasing. It was a spontaneous thing really. I mean, I've been looking for a horse ... but I figured that after I didn't find one over the weekend that my chance of finding one was pretty slim until next weekend. But at 8:30 monday night, my friend called to say I should come out to the barn and meet a horse and his owner. So, I did.

She doesn't have time for him, and frankly doesn't enjoy his size, and I needed a horse, so we did each other a favor. He's rather sweet and already has a soft spot in my heart because he's a Dash for Cash baby, same as Dash.

I think he's 16 hands, though I haven't sticked him yet. He's "well broke" and that's about the extent of what I know about him. He seems to know quite a bit and is quick to learn. He does have some attitude, but I thoroughly enjoy that. I'm sure he'll have a nice canter too, once he's shaped up a bit.

Obviously, he's quite rotund! I don't think I'm even going to bother with a saddle for the first month or so. He's like sitting on a moving couch! I know my saddles won't fit him and I don't want to get our relationship off to a bad start by making his back soar. Perhaps in a few months, I will try. But I think he's still going to be wider than my other two horses, both of which have prominent withers.

He's got a rather nasty knot in his tail, but I'm working on it. Hopefully it will come out with minimal damage, and then I can wash his tail and condition it. It's quite dry and crusty at the moment. Otherwise, he's quite healthy. Quite healthy. *grin*

His diet plan includes the absence of grain and daily riding. We'll see how it works. He is apparently limiting himself on hay ... the barn manager said the hay in his stall was from this morning when I went out this evening, and the horses don't go out unless the owner turn them out. So. I guess he's protesting the change in life style. At his owner's farm, he was on pasture 24/7. I intend to turn him out a lot, but I don't think I can do 24/7 since there's no shelter.

I had a confo shot, but the computer doesn't seem to want to download it. Feel free to tell me what you think though. I think he'll be quite nice once he's lost weight.

William is also my exercise plan. I do go to the gym and do a lot of other things to stay in shape, but horses are my best exercise. So here's to me and William losing weight together!

PS~ Please excuse the blurriness. Jeremy isn't the best photographer anyway, and his new camera was being difficult. I will take more with my own little spiffy camera another day. Like tomorrow.

PPS~ It doesn't seem to be my night with computers or pictures of any kind. I hope tomorrow goes better or I might have to give up for a while. *sigh*

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Congrats on the new horse and good luck on the joint weight loss program. It sounds like you are going to have a really fun time with him.
Thanks! I'm doing well so far ... -5 pounds. I'll be interested to see how he looks in a month.